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Everything is going well with me, I'm just really busy which is why the lack of updates. We have a lot of things going on right now with all the doctor's appointments, house hunting, Jacob going back to school, work and preparing for the baby. It feels like everything is happening all at once and sometimes it gets stressful. >_<

Anyway, here is a belly update although I am officially 26 weeks now.

I don't really take weekly shots like some ladies do and I don't think I'll go for a maternity shoot either. Although it looks like I am okay with showing a little bit of skin (lol) but this will be the last. I promise to cover my belly next time I post. Also, 14 weeks left or more like 94 days. Yay! Oh, and baby has been kicking like crazy lately. No one warned me about how these kicks can kind of hurt. I thought it would be sweet little kicks and feeling the baby move, but no, her kicks can really be strong and catch me off guard at times then I go "oop" "iih" "ugh"... but at least I know she is alive and doing fine in there. My favorite is when she slowly rolls.

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  1. Thank you for the update. Like you, I thought they were sweet little kicks. We are trying to
    figure out how is would feel when she slowly rolls. Looking forward to that. We begin our 2nd trimester:12/9/2013. We are hoping we will feel 'normal' over our Dec. and Jan.


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